Financial Management for Digital Assets

Bring your accounting, consolidation, reporting, and analytics into one financial management system

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Our Product

We have built a platform that interprets blockchain transactions, and transforms that data into financial and business insights

All the Data You Need in One Place

We bring in all your blockchain transactions, together with historic and real-time pricing information for all crypto tokens. We combine data from different exchanges to get you the full picture, and save you time.

No More Spreadsheets Needed

We keep tabs of your crypto assets including cost basis. We support multiple accounting methods to calculate gains, estimate and optimize asset sales and taxes. No need for buggy spreadsheets.

Take Your Data Everywhere

Use our software to run all your accounting, or as a subledger integrated with other tools. All your data can be exported easily to take it with you.

Track Transactions

Track all new and historical transactions with established cost basis

Classify Transactions

Classify transactions, individually, in batches, or automatically based on rules

Gains & Losses Reports

Generate Real-time Reports for your Digital Assets

Token Portal

Publish real-time financial insights through the Balanc3 token portal

Data Exports

Export data into SAGE Intacct, Quickbooks, and Xero

Industry Compliance

Generate compliant Balance Sheet and Income Statement

Reports, Balances & Analytics

Run reports for gains/losses using the Balanc3 platform to generate valuable accounting insights for your platform. Our reporting helps your business with digital asset balances and compliance.

  • Run Gains/Losses Reports
  • Real-time Dashboard Analytics
  • Track your digital asset balances

Track and Classify your Digital Assets

Balanc3 tracks on-chain transactions and surfaces those transactions in the Balanc3 Platform. This allows you to create accounts and classify those transactions for digital asset reporting and valuable business insights.

  • Track On-Chain Transactions
  • Manage Incoming/Outgoing Transactions
  • Classify Transactions for Easy Reporting

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